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The Scripps Research Institute and the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, formed a stem cell consortium on its campus in La Jolla which features the stem cell mural based on stem cell neurons, painted by LuAnn Beardmore

Phoenix Home & Garden

In the November 2007 issue of of Phoenix Home & Garden, author Roberta Landman wrote an article featuring a "Tuscan Retreat" that highlights one of LuAnn Beardmore's paintings (see Page 192). "LuAnn Beardmore painted the homeowner's family crest on a foyer wall. The console, topped with candlesticks and a crude jar, is flanked in greenery in ceramic pots. An antique reproduction chandelier hangs above."

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LuAnn Beardmore, better known by her artistic name of LuAnn, has been busy creating some of Scottsdale's most recognizable commercial and residential pieces of art for more than 15 years. As a custom muralist, she creates larger-than-life pieces of art from businesses and private homeowners. With business booming, Beardmore says she is nothing but grateful to be able to make a living doing what she loves.
Scottsdale has been a great place for me to grow as a person and an artist, she says. Most of my clients here prefer the high-end art and have a critical eye for what they want. Everything I do is customized to each client; I never repeat the same art twice. And, over the years, I've grown very good at 'reading' my clients, transforming their visions into art, and sometimes even becoming a trusted fixture in their homes as I work on my pieces.

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Other Publications

LuAnn's works have been published in over 25 local and national periodicals, including her first publication in 1972 featured in Teen Magazine. You can also find her artwork highlighted in the following publications:

On the cover of Omaha Magazine in 1990 as an acknowledgment of artwork and also had an illustration on another cover same year.

101 NORTH - The Magazine of North Scottsdale, January 2005

Luxe Arizona Edition, Interiors + Design page 192

101 North
Phoenix Home and Garden

Arizona Living with the Game, Luxury Homes

Arizona Living With the Game

The Jenks Residence" Volume 5 - Issue 4, pages 18-19

One of the most incredible focal points in the Jenks home is the mural of San Francisco that adorns a giant wall in the great room. LuAnn Beardmore, a freelance wall mural and canvas artist, incorporated the flow of the wall into a recap of places that were memorable to the Jenks while living in the City by the Bay. LuAnn's credentials are impressive and include work on several projects for the Hyatt Regency at Gainey Ranch and four joint-projects for Bank One Ballpark. Best known for the diversity of her painting styles, she has a degree in Graphic Arts, but considers herself more of a Fine Artist. She has taught art, owned a custom framing business, and been involved in many aspects of the art world for 20 years.

San Francisco Mural

Luxe Magazine

Luxe Magazine in 2007, featuring a painting for Procter & Gamble CEO, Gretchen Price in Oro Valley.

Luxe Magazine